2016 Done & Dusted

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Another year in the Show Ring now over and we are resting, gathering our wits and planning for season 2017. This year went without a hitch, was busy but not as much as the previous, we decided to curtail our running after shows all over the country side and concentrate on the local ones only. Morgan took The Group 7 Award this year at the Cairns City Kennel Club Presentation Night last weekend which was a huge shock to both Gayle & I, as we didn’t think we had a chance , but as usual Morgan shone through. Gayle had a hard time showing this year as she needed a Total Knee Replacement and we needed to get through the year before that could happen. I carried on with Show Stewarding and as a Show Secretary for one of the clubs we belong to.

Mid November we sent Angie done to Newcastle (NSW) for a mating and it seems she had fun, her Ultra Sound is due to be carried out on Dec. 28th. So here’s hoping, this will be her last litter before we de-sex her. More on this Litter in a few days when I will once again update this blog.

till then cheers Kim

2015 In Review

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Well what a great year 2015 was, plenty of shows, traveling up & down the highways of the Far North, singing songs to keep the kids amused, we brought a new caravan to help the nights away from home and the camper was getting a bit much for the both of us . We also got tired of having frogs kiss our butts at Woodstock in the toilet, but that is another story.
Harley located a place by the bed and made it his own quite quickly, Angie found it strange with a different style of bed, Morgan being a smart  and with a devil may care attitude found out she could jump from the lounge to our bed,  Gandalf was the clever of all , he took over the FULL Lounge and protects it / guards it very well.  He also gained a Best in Group along with a few Reserve in Groups.
Gayle & I were fortunate to win for the Second Year straight , the “Thelma Grant Memorial Trophy” at the Cairns City Kennel Club Awards Night 2015 held in December for the top breeder at the club, Morgan last year and now Gandalf . This came as a huge shock , we thought we were out of the running this year due to the high number of quality dogs by their breeders. We decided not to breed last year and probably not again this year as we will concentrate on the Kids gaining Show Points towards their Australian Grand Titles. There may be a new addition in the house though , to run through the Baby Ranks, but more later as that progresses.

Bring on Show Season 2016 , looking forward in anticipation.

Busy Time

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Well what a power 2 weeks we had , Innisfail Shows then off to my Naval Reunion in Ballina NSW , then home to more shows in Cairns. We are both very tired but will plug on regardless. The little ones had the pleasure of my son Haydon looking after them for the week and he was a bit upset when the time came to leave them. Gandalf & Morgan have moved up an age group once more and are now completing against a lot older and mature dogs, so any winnings now will be an extra thrill. Morgan @ 18 months is against up to 3 yr olds , Gandalf anything from 4 -7 yr olds . Thats the way the classes fall for them.

Back to Tully next week 1 Open Show, 2 Championship Shows.

Wet, Slush, Mush Conditions

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Back to Cairns Kennel Club grounds and atrocious conditions. Who ordered the rain ???
Unfortunately  the grounds couldn’t take any more water. Oh well that’s what happens showing.

Saturday Night Morgan once again stepped up to the plate and took Junior in Show , a fantastic result.
Then today (Sunday) Gayle sacked me , took her in the ring , got Best of Breed , then fronted for the group placings and we couldn’t believe what we saw, all prim and proper she sallied around as if to say look at me,
Well the Judge indeed looked at her and awarded

Best in Group, (Morgan’s 1st)
Junior in Group.

It wasn’t Gandalf’s weekend but then again he was very nice , looked the part but came up again a Supreme Titled Dog , he’ll beat this one , one day as he has done to the others

Two week break for us now as we are off to a 44th year Naval Reuinion for me next week , my son is looking after the tribe for us.

Where did it go ??

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Wow two weekends 8 shows in total, Townsville & Bowen ran 5 show combined over Easter down at Woodstock ( just out of Charters Towers). If you go to the show results page you’ll see that the fur kids went extremely well, with Gandalf again going a Reserve Best in Group on the last day. A extremely hot weekend with very little breeze about, interesting watching the judging as they had different mind sets so the spoils were shared around.

This weekend we were home in Cairns for Mareeba’s 3 Shows, again very warm and humid , bit of rain showers but only made it worse, Morgan this time Grabbing her 1st Championship Reserve Best in Group. I’m enjoying my stewarding appointments and am receiving favorable feedback, (you are very loud Kim and we like it, we can hear what is happening LOL) Oh well , another two shows next weekend again back in Cairns.

Season 2015 Starts with a “Big Bang”

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Atherton Tablelands K.C. hosted the 1st shows of Ngesong’s 2015 season. A triple header , in outrageous heat in Cairns. With the shows being hurriedly transferred from up the tablelands, due to a 60th Birthday being booked at the same venue after our booking, no consideration for our dogs, take it or leave  it was a maddening week of stress. This was my 1st shows at being a Show Secretary & do not wish this Mela on anyone.

Well what about the Big Bang ???

Morgan went two from three Junior in Group , carrying on her great work from last season.

Gandalf , low and behold preformed as a True Champion & at  such an early age. He went Reserve in Group , also took two from three Intermediate in Groups, beating the dog from the night before who went Reserve in Show .

Comments from all judges were excellent & encouraging,  along Gayle being congratulated on her grooming prowess.

Gandalf & Gayle WILL head off to the Lhasa Specialty in Sept for a chance up against his father & peers. I’ll stay home and look after the rest of the tribe, the girls are due to be in Season & will mate Angie for the 3rd & last time. Then she gets desexed  lives the life of luxury here at home in Cairns.

Season 2014 in Review

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Gee that season went very fast, as well as me being quite slack in updating this web site.

Well where do we start ???

A very huge highlight for Gayle & I was ………….

Gandalf going ——–Reserve in Group, ——Intermediate in Show ——-then——Best in Group from the last shows of the Year.

We traveled far & wide throughout the year , lots of camping out , big laughs within Camp Purple. New friends and olde were caught up with. I sat and passed the Writers Exams then the Stewards Exams with success in both. I now as well taken on the role of Show Secretary for Atherton Tablelands Kennel Club for 2015 only at this stage.

          Results for the Year —– drum role

Cairns City Kennel Club Inc (CCKC)

  Thelma Grant Memorial Trophy (Local Owner/Breeder)
Gayle & Kim Johansen


Aust. Ch. Ngesong Tse Mgom (AKA Gandalf)

 QLD’s No.1 Lhasa Apso in the BREED CHALLENGE

along with 3rd in Rising Star Qld


Aust. Ch. Ngesong Takin Namz Makin Twubul (AKA Morgan)

Morgan gained her Australian Championship Title on 20 July 2014, at 8 months 19 days olde ,

one of the youngest Lhasas to do so

Morgan’s Achievements for the entire 2014 Season
5 Age in Show
39 Age in Group
2 x Runner Up Best in Group

From 44 Shows


“No. 1 Rising Star”

Lhasa Apso in Australia & Qld


Cairns City Kennel Club Inc (CCKC)—2014 Point Score Awards – Conformation section

Group Seven Points Award

Loch ‘n’ Brae Auld Reekie Puppy Trophy



Also has gained a Qualification for –PUPPY OF THE YEAR 2015 (Qld)

So it was a power packed great year all round for the NGESONG Kennel


Return to Ingham

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Back to Ingham came the call,

we had 3 international judges this weekend and watching them was a gem. Their knowledge of the breeds was amazing, the different ways they judged, like getting down very low to watch the smaller dogs movement. All of the learnered  judges were very precise on the days.

Morgan went Puppy in Show the 1st day, unbelievable was my response, considering all the top dogs in the line up, there were dogs from down South entered  and it made it a fantastic win.

Morgan now has 5 Class in Shows & 30 Class in Group Wins all from 40 shows, she sits on 565 points in the Rising Star Competition and is the leading Lhasa Apso.

Gandalf won Best in Group on the 1st day , I took him out for his class & again he played up on me (when will I learn). I handed him straight to Gayle & the mischievous devil performed great and too k Best of Breed , the proceeded to win Group. This was a pure shock to all , a stunned silence came over Group 7 till it set in with Gayle dancing & jumping her way back to the assembly area, then all hell broke loose with the screening & shouting. This was Gandalf’s 1st group & NGESONG Lhasas 2nd. He follows on from his Mother Angie, Morgan has only a RBIG.

Another two week break then back to Cairns for two shows Cairns & Mareeba hosting over that weekend.

Late news came in yesterday , the postponed shows of Innisfail from the start of the season, due too the Cyclone is now on the 1st weekend in November. So the season rolls on.

Camp Purple

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A weekend in Ingham, Camp Purple grew in size as we circled the caravans into a fortress. We all had some enjoyment being in a close friendly group. One side of the camp watching the NRL & the other the AFL.

I did some more stewarding two days worth and now feel quite comfortable in doing so, all the nerves are gone. I even made on of the judges laugh when I called someone absent by my phrasing. Group 7 is getting smaller by the week , it is a shame as we cheer each other on.  Gandalf & Morgan performed very nicely and shared the honours around with Wayne & Shanna’s bitch Myka.


Morgan has again recaptured the Number One Ranking of Rising Star Lhasa Apso.

3 week break and back to Ingham for a 3 show weekend



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Hi , well we had the pleasure of seeing  Sup. Gr Champion Lyngala Lots of Twubul  last weekend, back in our favorite town of Tully. He was up for a visit and to show in front of the international judges we had here.

A very good weekend weather wise and showing as well.

Gandalf took Intermediate in Group on Saturday which was fantastic for him.

On Sunday Morgan went Puppy in Group.

Thats now 30 from 33 shows Class in Show or Group.

A couple weeks break now then off to the Mareeba Shows, then a week later to Ingham for the first time this year.