Chester & Marty


Our family have always had the magnificent breed….The Lhasa Apso.  Following the passing of our beloved Lhasa Apso girl Chloe and boy Olly, we knew our house was empty and to feel complete, we wanted to bring another Lhasa Apso into our lives.

So December 2018…..our divine puppy Chester arrived!
And believe me, he is divine!
He is our little ray of sunshine.

 I researched breeders left, right and centre.  Kim and Gayle were the breeders for us.  They were so supportive, communicative and are people I call friends.
Even though we didn’t meet or view the new born pups in person (because we live around 1000kms away),
Kim and Gayle sent photos and videos so we knew all about Chester from the start.

 From day one, I have always felt I could approach Kim and Gayle with any question I had about our new fur baby.
We keep in touch with not only Kim and Gayle, but with Chester’s siblings’ human Mums and Dads.

 I was quite apprehensive about Chester being transported via plane to us, but the way Kim and Gayle made sure he was set up in his crate was like flying Puppy First Class.  He had access to water bottle, a chew, a blanket and a piece of material that had the smells from his pup family on it.
Kim and Gayle care and love the pups the minute they are born. They breed pups for the love of Lhasa Apsos vs the dollar.  To me, that is hard to find in a breeder.

 We are so grateful to Kim and Gayle for our darling Chester.  If we were to ever want a sibling for Chester, I would only want a pup from Kim and Gayle.

 I can’t speak highly enough of them.

  Martine                     Nov. 2019