Lil Dahlin & Kathy Thomas

Words cannot express the way we feel about our beautiful puppy Li’l Dahlin and our experience with you both. Right from the start when I first contacted your regarding a puppy to join our family 18 months after losing our previous fur babies, you were very informative regarding the Lhasa Apso Breed

I waited eagerly for the puppies to be born and was so excited when you contacted me and said there were 7 available. Originally, I wanted a puppy as a pet and was happy to wait in line for my puppy girl, but then I was then thinking of maybe showing the puppy as I am semi-retired.

You could not have been more helpful.

Right from day one, you kept us informed with weights etc and generally how they were proceeding with photos and comments every day.

I was counting down the weeks and then days and was thrilled to finally know what date my beautiful puppy would be arriving in Adelaide.  I was a little concerned regarding the puppy and the flight but was assured by you that all would be fine, and of course it was. My Li’l Dahlin arrived on Thursday 13th August and I must admit I cried when I saw her – she was just beautiful. She has been in our family now for almost 2 weeks and has fit in perfectly., and just adores my grandchildren as they do her.

We are amazed at the fact that she has been house trained and uses the doggy door to go in and out for the toilet ( a couple of little accidents have occurred but that was through no fault of her own)  I visited a friend the other day and even though she did not know the house, she still “asked” to be let outside.

I know that I can contact you at any time for any guidance and you will answer any questions I have.  The chat room you created for the litter is a wonderful thing as we get to ask questions and see the puppies as they grow and of course we can let you know how the puppies are going.

I have already highly recommended a few people to Ngesong Lhasa Apsos and will continue to do so

My Husband and I are already considering another puppy next year

Thank you once again for my adorable puppy.