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Have you any puppies for sale !

I need to know a little bit about you N family where the Puppy is going to have their life.

                # Otherwise I’m sorry I will no longer answer this type of Email.



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Thank you for your inquiry about our Lhasa Apsos, we are breeding a litter shortly when our girl come into season.

 Due to the Bloodlines of the Stud Dog, we are using with our Bitches lines, all these lines are now scarce and sort after, with the grandparents having passed on.


The FIXED PRICE is $3500, for a Baby Puppy Pet with Registered Papers from Dogs Qld. Now this includes everything from inoculations to age, cost of transport / traveling cage and Full DNA Profiled (a requirement to be registered by Dogs Qld) is included in the price.


NO PUP will leave here till they are at least 12 weeks old (Unless entering a Show Home), they will be fully weaned from Mum, 98% toilet trained, and able to be on their own with no problems. If you would like to be included on our list please confirm.

We are looking for a show quality ourselves so will take 1st pick, they will  be quality graded when they are 8 – 10 weeks olde, photos will be sent to all who desire a pup from us, but please do not get your hearts set on a particular one as hard decisions have to be made it is not very easy grading dogs for the ring.

We do not take deposits to be on our register.

I WILL contact other Lhasa Breeders on any inquires we receive.

Emails sent out periodically to those on my register for puppies.

When payment for your puppy is required it will be into my bank account ONLY. 
Videos of the puppies will be done, when we chat about them after their birth. 

The pick order will be by the number you are on the register or sex required, with show homes being first.



I ONLY use to advise when puppies available.



Contact ; Kim Johansen 0419229553,



Dogs QLD Member – 4100111825



Please contact Dogs QLD on email: to verify my membership.