“Pebbles” & Donna

Donna & Pebbles looking very happy

Hi Kim & Gayle

We had just lost our beloved little dog of 17 years only a few weeks before I found the Ngesong website.  Even on my initial call, I found Kim’s approach to be very sympathetic and patient with my teary, emotional initial telephone inquiry.  He explained  how the journey would present itself step by step, as they were anticipating the pregnancy of one of their beautiful show dogs.  The correspondence, photos and often hilarious updates were regularly sent through to us on the how, where and whys of making a Lhasa Apso puppy our own up to and including our new baby’s arrival in Brisbane.

We are thrilled with our new baby and we look forward to having her for a very long, happy and healthy lifetime.

Thank you Kim & Gayle, you and ‘Pebbles’ have made our feeling of utter despair turn to absolute joy.  I am only too happy to recommend you to prospective Lhasa Apso friendly purchasers.

Best wishes for the future.

Petrie; Qld