Word has come in,

Yesterday during the Melbourne Cup,




NGESONG Lhasa’s were in a show  down cold Melbourne way.

Now I was last in that state when in the Navy and it was bitterly cold and wet this time of year, I’m hearing it was no different this time.


Ngesong Midnight Dreamer (aka Amber) owned by Rhonda Shearer

squared off against her full sister, albeit from a later litter,

Ngesong Twylite Jezebel (aka Aimee) owned by Veronica Bennett.

Both young ladies were available to take challenge,

from what I’m hearing it wasn’t cut and dried, Aimee went out with her tail cocked high and put on a very polished performance making everyone take notice she is here to own the ring.

Next out came the older & seasoned performer Amber,

well she wasn’t letting her younger sister show her up in anyway , if you can do that, so can I, you could imagine her saying.

It was a tough one for the International judge

Amber took it by a whisker, then nearly blew away a dog 11 points off its Grand Title, ringside info told me it was very  very close  for Best of Breed,           Congrats to Trudie & her boy

2011 will bring these sisters together many more times, I wait nervously for the results.

We will have the same here in the Far North with Kodie against his sister Sasha. I might see if we can do all 4 in the ring over the year with all owners ,

Now wouldn’t that be thrilling!!! 

Shanna & Wayne,



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